Brian Bielong Steve Schmitt Modified Winner

HIGHLAND, IL (May 5) — The Steve Schmitt Modifieds lined up for their feature event, the first three rows are determined by heat finishes and then the finish of the Dash establishes the final starting positions. While the first three rows held drivers that regularly race at the Highland Speedway, noticeably absent were several past Feature Winners and Track Champions as they were scattered within the balance of the field, setting up for an exciting race.

Darrell Hewlett from Breese IL led the field to the green flag of the 20 lap main event. It was outside pole sitter Tyler Diebert that led the field for the first 8 laps, on lap 9 Brian Bielong driving the Number 70 took the lead but a caution reverted the running order back to the last lap and Diebert was put back up front.

It didn’t take Bielong very long to overcome Diebert, as by the time the field returned to the starting line the number 70 was in the lead.

On lap 14 the caution once again waved and Bielong’s lead was had vanished. The restart lineup had Bielong on point followed by Diebert, and by then Mike Harrison, Aaron Kleine and Brett Cygan made their way to the front.

For the last 5 laps the battle was between Diebert and Harrison as Bielong checked out, Diebert put up a fight but Harrison managed to get around him to take second place. Diebert finished third Kleine fourth and Cygan fifth.

Coming Events
May 12, Oberbeck Grain Co Night with Hard Charger Awards given by Oberbeck Grain Co
May 19, Armed Forces Night sponsored by Scott Credit Union
May 26, Veterans Night sponsored by Miller Lite (Give a ways by the Miller Lite girls)
May 31, *Mars vs Northern All Stars Thursday

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UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Consi
Finish Car No Driver
1 24 Kyle Steffens
2 1Z Zach Hoffman
3 56 Dane Gundaker
4 42 Steve Lach
5 4UW Bobby Regot
6 24J Jacob Steinkoenig
7 24K Derek Kellerman
8 87Z Zeb Moake
9 71 Lynn Tidwell
10 38 Stephen Flannery, Jr DNS

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Dash
Finish Car No Driver
1 84 Tyler Deibert
2 75 Darrell Hewlett
3 99K Dustin Knerrer
4 01 Brett Cygan
5 13 Aaron Kleine
6 70 Brian Bielong

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Feature
Finish Car No Driver
1 70 Brian Bielong
2 24H Mike Harrison
3 84 Tyler Deibert
4 13 Aaron Kleine
5 01 Brett Cygan
6 11 Chad Sellers
7 45 Trista Stevenson
8 75 Darrell Hewlett
9 101 Jeff Buss
10 42 Steve Lach
11 76 Eric Goetter
12 56 Dane Gundaker
13 6 Justin Ketrow
14 24 Kyle Steffens
15 55V Brad Venhaus
16 1Z Zach Hoffman
17 24J Jacob Steinkoenig
18 9 Terry James
19 99K Dustin Knerrer
20 4UW Bobby Regot

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 99K Dustin Knerrer
2 84 Tyler Deibert
3 13 Aaron Kleine
4 101 Jeff Buss
5 6 Justin Ketrow
6 56 Dane Gundaker
7 42 Steve Lach
8 38 Stephen Flannery, Jr
9 24J Jacob Steinkoenig

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 01 Brett Cygan
2 75 Darrell Hewlett
3 70 Brian Bielong
4 24H Mike Harrison
5 11 Chad Sellers
6 24 Kyle Steffens
7 4UW Bobby Regot
8 87Z Zeb Moake

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Heat 3
Finish Car No Driver
1 40 Steven Ellison
2 9 Terry James
3 45 Trista Stevenson
4 76 Eric Goetter
5 55V Brad Venhaus
6 1Z Zach Hoffman
7 71 Lynn Tidwell
8 24K Derek Kellerman

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